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Dragons' Tears(tm)   Jewelry
The Dragon's Tale: Skip directly to the jewelry.....
Many many years ago a young boy raced along the edges of some cliffs in Wales when, to the horror of his father, the boy suddenly lost his footing and fell. His father ran to the edge fearing his son had fallen into the sea far below. When the father peered down he was slightly relieved to see his son perched  on a small stone outcropping. The man yelled down for the boy to be still, that he was going to get a rope and his brother to help bring him up.

Soon the father returned and, with the help of his brother and an ancient tree, made his way down to the ledge to save his boy.  However, when the man got to the ledge he saw what the boy had seen before him; an opening in the cliff face where the boy rested. The opening was large enough to allow both the father and the boy to enter and they did but the cave was so dark that they could see nothing past a few paces. They vowed to return with torches. When they did here is what they found......

The first cave they entered was small but there were many passages leading from it, so many that they could not follow them all on that day. They did find one place of unending wonder,  'twas called by the ancient ones  'The Weeping Well' although boy and father had no way of knowing this at that time. Soon they learned that these were not just any caves, this was an abandoned  weyr, a system of caves that once housed a mighty race of dragons. The Weeping Well was a pool surrounded by large rocks but it wasn't just any pool, it was a bottomless pool of Dragons' Tears. The pool shimmered so that the room glowed with a light all it's own. Why so many tears you may ask, and I will tell you just as the spirit of the dragon told the boy and his father.

Ages ago, when magic filled the air, Dragons ruled the skies. They brought prosperity and health to the land. They were an integral part of the realm of magic. However, as the hand of man spread over the land, those of the realm began to see that their time on this earth was waning. Man was losing his belief in magic and trusted only in technology. The dragons loved this earth and the small people who scarred its surface but they knew they must leave. 

Dragons' Tears are not salty water like the tears of man, they are a magical elixir with the consistency of honey and the color of liquid moonbeams. Leaving our world broke the Dragons' hearts and each one wept into the pool before they sank beneath it's waters. No, they were not drowning themselves, the pool is bottomless as I said. If one born mortal such as ourselves could swim to the other end we would find ourselves again in a world of magic for it is a portal to another world.

How do I know this tale you might wonder? Well that young boy was my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather, G'wyllm Wood Davies. Let's just call him Grandpa, shall we? Grandpa visited this weyr often over the course of his lifetime and he wrote down what he knew. His story, along with a map to the weyr, was folded and placed in the family bible. This bible has been passed down to the youngest child of the youngest child for generations.  I am such a child. All those before me believed the story to be nothing but the musings of an old man and a pleasant tale to share with the grandchildren. I know differently, you see I followed the map......

.... and I, like my grandfather before me,  invoked the Spirit of the Dragon who gave me permission to take the Dragons' Tears from the pool and fashion things of beauty with them. This was not a selfless act of kindness on the Spirit's part. The Dragons know that if enough humans believe that dragons exist, the new age of magic may begin and they may once again return to our realm. 

Each piece of Dragons' Tears(tm)  jewelry contains a bit of the Dragon's magic and carries their hopes and dreams; it's wearer will be blessed with a bit of the protection and magic of the Dragons' spirit. Who knows what magic will enter your life when you wear the Dragons' Tears?  Can you look into the Tears of the Dragon and not believe?


Here's a link to a drawing I thought you  might like: Dragon Tears
NOTE: Dragons' Tears(tm)   &   Dragon's Tears(tm) are Trademarked Product Names owned by Nancy Tang and Glass Orchids.  They have been in use since 1998 by Glass Orchids.
NOTE: On 1/28/2008 I made grammatical changes to correct Dragon's Tears(tm) to Dragons' Tears where appropriate. I hope I got it right this time. That troublesome apostrophe.
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